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Brain Smart

Brain Smart is our approach to mindful coaching and teaching for emotional development. We have developed a common language to use with both adults and pupils to explore wellbeing support and the impact of neurological development on our behaviours.

We have developed sessions for both staff and pupils to enable everyone to better understand why we do what we do and also how to support each other in developing strategies for managing emotions.

Brain Smart events 2018-19


Session 1: Half a day with Learning Walks.  Covering the scientific information on the brain, including scans and symptoms of behaviours.  The Action Research Model will include a Gap Task given for 'noticing behaviours'.

Date: 27.11.18

Location: Yeo Moor Primary School

Time: 1-4pm


Session 2: Twilight session covering the Language aspect of the course. Research based and covering Yeo Moor's choices. 'How would you use this Language?'  Gap Task: to introduce language to own classes.


Session 3: Twilight session covering reflection on the Gap Task; 'What did you notice?'. Discussions on challenges encountered and strategies for 'Closing the Lid'.


Session 4: RED structure for the final session: REFLECT, EVALUATE & DEVELOP.  This will have a focus on the benefit for the pupils and the overall Teaching and Learning.