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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust


Across the Trust, every school has established its own Learning Hub which provides a differentiated programme of Continuous Self Professional Development, which we refer to as 'CsPD'. Each school's Learning Hub CsPD Programme is specifically designed so that staff can personalise their professional development to collaborate with colleagues and share what they are developing with the wider staff community and beyond. 

Each Trust school designs its own CsPD Programme in consultation with staff and in response to school development priorities. This means that the CsPD programme is tailored to the pupils of each school and responds to the individual development priorities for each member of staff.

CsPD Process

Staff use an action research model to plan their professional development and make sure their goals are manageable and measurable in the impact they have on their classroom practice.

To begin with, staff identify what they already know about their selected focus area, why they want to work on this and how they might do it. Their focus might be concerned with a particular aspect of their school role, or with a specific group or on just a few pupils in their class for a specified period of time.

When it comes to evaluating what they tried, staff work together to reflect on the process, making sure they have captured all the things they did, the changes they observed and finally, what changed as a result. 

Our CsPD programmes provide opportunities for teacher-led action research, engagement with research and implementation of evidence-informed school improvement, supported by leadership and coaching development in all our schools.