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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Learning Hubs


Each Trust school has its own Learning Hub which is facilitated by their Lead Associate team. The Lead Associate works with the school staff to design, deliver and facilitate the bespoke 'Continuing Self Professional Development' (CsPD) programme for every member of staff at that school.

Through their school’s Learning Hub, staff can access a differentiated programme of professional development  tailored to the individual teaching and learning priorities of the school and every member of staff. The CSPD programme includes a range of tailored action research programmes, coaching opportunities and individualised 'On Demand' sessions all of which provide direct support for on-going school improvement. 

In addition to the Learning Hubs in each CLT school facilitating and encouraging staff to develop their practice within their own schools, (in-reach), the Learning hubs develop collaborative work between all CLT schools (Trust-Reach) and to learn from and with practitioners from beyond the Trust, regionally, nationally and internationally (outreach). 

The Learning Hubs operate in-line with the strategic aims of the CLT:

Benefit our pupils: We ensure that every professional development opportunity has a positive impact in the classroom. 

Nurture within: We actively nurture innovation and experimentation through a shared action research process that develops the thinking and practice of every practitioner in every CLT school.

Engage beyond: We actively seek out and engage with research and practice beyond our immediate community to ensure that thinking and practice is habitually challenged and enhanced by wider research and informed by robust evidence.

Responsive to change: The Learning Hub model has built-in flexibility to allow staff to lead and access their own professional development opportunities as and when they need.