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Clevedon Learning Trust

Clevedon Learning Trust

Tailored Programmes

All our tailored programmes are part of each Trust school's CsPD programme. They are designed to provide staff with specific opportunities linked to career-progression needs and aspirations. All tailored programmes are further enhanced by our very own CLT Teaching School programme of Continuing Professional Leadership Development. 

All our PGCE and School Direct trainees are supported in their training and progression in-school by our Lead Mentors and Subject Mentor team. Through this, we are able to offer a wide range of rich school-based experiences, in the many different contexts and phases of schools within the CLT family. All our trainees learn with and from experienced practitioners in our schools on a daily basis and they take an active part in every aspect of the life of the school, which includes pursuing their own personalised CsPD programme. 

Our structured programmes for Newly Qualified and Recently Qualified Teachers (NQT/ RQT) enable teachers in the very early stages of their careers to continue to learn from experienced practitioners and each other. 1:1 coaching and mentoring is integrated into these programmes along with opportunities to observe teaching across all key stages and in Trust schools. There is a mixture of developmental and formal observations, focused learning walks, collaborative planning, work scrutiny and opportunities to visit other schools and other phases. There are also opportunities to work in project teams to lead enrichment activities through the CLT Creative & Cultural Programme for pupils across the Trust.

New, aspiring and existing middle leaders can similarly access a programme of tailored sessions where they can meet together, design collaborative projects and share practice and experiences. 

Just some examples of what areas can be built into these tailored programmes are...

  • Self Evaluation Systems including work scrutiny, learning walks, student voice
  • Data analysis, assessment and tracking
  • Curriculum Design to enhance progression
  • Lesson Observation, Coaching and Feedback
  • Digital Learning, Pedagogy and Approaches
  • Meeting the needs of all pupils at all times
  • Galvanising your team around your vision for learning
  • Communicating your vision for learning beyond your school